New Candidate in Kiambaa MP Race Leads in Popularity

By Joe Wakiama

It is the high season of political opinion polls with every aspirant desiring to know where they rank against opponents vying for the same seat.

A recent opinion poll in Kiambaa Constituency has ranked Kariri Njama aka Chief as the leading candidate for the MP seat with over 40% of the votes.

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He is followed by the incumbent Paul Koinange with 25% and Eric Mutura with 18%. The others are Raymond Kuria, Karanja Thariki, Charles Munyui and John Kahugu in that order.

This is the first time Njama has vied for the MP seat, and his numbers are growing daily. He is viewed as a humble, hardworking and visionary leader who can transform Kiambaa as MP.

Njama has helped tens of youth get an education, skills, and knowledge and ultimately start businesses and employ others.

Njama is a security expert, a sensitive matter in Kiambaa where cases of insecurity are often reported.

He has improved security by supporting the installation of CCTV cameras.

Women: Washing machines from the Kingara Foundation Changed Our Lives

By Kamau Wa Mungai

The women of Kahawa Sukari, Wendani and Biashara in Ruiru Constituency are forever grateful to Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara for his generosity and making it easier for them to earn a living.

This is after King’ara through his foundation gave machines for washing clothes to women groups.

The women who were for a long time washing clothes using their hands to make a living and fed for their families.

The women received the machines months ago and said the machines had transformed their lives.

“We now make more money but use less energy and really appreciate King’ara for his generosity,” said Mary Wawira.


She added that they now had more time left to care for their children and families. They are also able to serve more clients within a short time.

Asked why he invested so much in the women, King’ara said, “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.”

He believed that the women were doing more not only in their business but also in their families and community.

King’ara has now been nicknamed #Mtendakazi because of his selfless service to the people of Ruiru and beyond.

A Wamatangi Foundation Driver Becomes the Talk of the Village for Going Out of His Way

By Cecilia Wangui

Residents of Muthumu in Kabete were amazed by the kindness of one of the drivers’ of the Wamatangi Foundation Community Service vans on Thursday morning who stopped to help a woman who was in terrible pain.

The driver delayed going for his morning assignment to help an unidentified woman who needed emergency transport to go to the Thogoto Orthopaedic Centre in Kikuyu.

“She has back pains and needed to travel quickly to the centre for treatment, said one of the women who assisted in carrying the woman to the Wamatangi Foundation Community Service van.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 08.29.44.jpeg

She said they were humbled by the kindness of the driver who upon hearing the women were seeking for a matatu to ferry the sick woman to a hospital volunteered to take her at zero cost.

Within no time the woman was able to reach the orthopedic centre and get the needed help.

The Wamatangi Foundation Service vans are one of the pillars of the foundation whose patron is the Kiambu County Senator Kimani Wamatangi.

The Foundation also gives tank donations, has biogas farming projects and runs computer colleges in Kabete and Juja for the youth.

Ruiru: Young Mothers Pledge to Support Simon King’ara for MP

By Kamau Wa Mungai

It was yet another great day when hundreds of young mothers from Ruiru met with Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara.

The mothers were grateful for the dedication and commitment of the founder of the Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara Foundation in transforming their lives.

“This is not the first time King’ara is meeting with us, to listen to us. He has a listening ear for all in the society, and this makes me admire his leadership so much,” said one woman.

The women felt reassured that when King’ara would be elected as the Ruiru MP in August, he would continue serving them more since his leadership style is about service to the people.

They also said that many are many times politicians lied to them to get into office, but in King’ara they had seen a leader who genuinely loves the Ruiru Community.

When speaking to the women, King’ara affirmed his commitment to serving the people even after being elected as area MP.

Who killed these four men, and left their bodies in a Probox?

By Cecilia Wangui

Shock gripped the residents of Gitaru after four bodies were found inside a stationary Probox vehicle.

Gitaru is at the border of Kikuyu and Kabete Constituencies in Kiambu County.

Locals got curious over the stationary vehicle that was there for some hours and decided to look inside.

That is when the bodies of the middle-aged men were discovered.

The police were alerted and are yet to solve the puzzle or divulge more information about the incident.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-22 at 22.44.44.jpeg

REVEALED: Audio Recording of Eric Mutura Abusing a Journalist

By Joe Wakiama

A parliamentary aspirant in Kiambaa Constituency allegedly lost his cool and abused a journalist in all manner of terms.

In an audio recording that has emerged, the voice allegedly of Eric Mutura is heard abusing the unidentified journalist whom they are engaged in a heated exchange.

The voice recording is transcribed word by word below:

“Ndakwira…atiriri ngui ino.

niuraigua we ngui ino wee uria ndirakuira?

…weee, ngui ino tiga kujira uguo we.

Ndutige kunjira uguo…

we tiga kujira uguo nie ndire wa nyukwa we! Niwaigua we?!

…we ngui ino nitukugerana ngero nawe we!

we ningugutumanira OFFICIALLY. We ngui ino tigana nanie we.

………….Thengio, ni thengio andika uria ukwandika. Nkt!

Andika ringi, we, niukumenya ndiri nyukwa nie.

…we utigane nanie we!


The aspirant repeats the abuse DOG five times in a conversation of only 35 seconds.

The journalist is heard interjecting every now and then throughout the conversation trying to calm down the aspirant, and urging him to stop abusing him.

At a certain point, the aspirant threatens the journalist “we ngui ino nitukugerana ngero nawe we! we ningugutumanira OFFICIALLY.”

And the journalist replies, “ni sawa. tumana okorwo..tumana..nikii nikiii utidaga ugitishatisha andu uguo. Ureshiria nindiraguitigira? Ndutumane.”

The reply by the journalist reveals that the aspirant allegedly has a tendancy to threaten people.

The aspirant might have been provoked to react in such a way by a question fielded by the journalist.